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Dear colleagues,
It is indeed a great honor for me to assume the position of WSSFN President following the nomination by the honorable Nominating Committee, affirmation by the WSSFN Board and the vote of the WSSFN General Assembly! I am very much humbled by the trust of the society members – most of whom are my true friends and share my views and beliefs on the importance of WSSFN mission and goals.


According to the long lasting tradition, my two-year term started at the end of the 19th WSSFN Congress in Korea on September 8, 2022. This congress – a remarkably successful event that was expertly put together by WSSFN Immediate Past President Prof. Jin Woo Chang and the scientific committee led by Prof. Kendall Lee – will be forever remembered as a miracle that occurred despite the record number of adversities. Just the sheer number of giant challenges that had to be overcome (the COVID-19 pandemic, the deteriorating geopolitical and economic situation affecting the entire world, unpredictable and constantly changing travel restrictions, last minute strike by the pilots of one of the major airlines, and on top of all this, the devastating typhoon that fell on the congress venue) would make the Congress truly unique, but the main reason the Society members will remember it will be the spirit of innovation and camaraderie that was felt through the entire gathering! Highest level of presented science, extraordinary numbers of speakers and attendees, outstanding pre-meeting workshops and amazing social program – these were the true highlights of the Congress. The proceedings of the congress with all poster and oral presentation abstracts were published in our journal Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery in time for the in-person meeting, adding to the seamless organization that impressed me and everyone else.

And now is the time to move on – with the main goal of making our Society stronger and the specialty of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery that we all love and enjoy – more prominent and advanced. The planned activity will give you – the WSSFN members – access to the best and newest updates on what each of us does in our professional life. Through scheduled webinars, society website and newsletter, the educational events under WSSFN lead or in collaboration with our national and regional societies, as joint projects with WFNS, regional and local entities, through our official journal that is edited by WSSFN Past President Prof. Andres Lozano, through dedicated and under-appreciated work of our numerous committees, we will keep the field growing and flourishing.

The next interim WSSFN meeting is expected to take place in Dubai in 2023 and the next WSSFN Congress – dedicated to the 75 years of modern stereotaxis – will be held in the center of Chicago in September 2024.

The long line of WSSFN Presidents is a bright constellation of talented pioneers and recognized leaders of our fields – and I will not list all of my 19 predecessors – but the last 5 deserve to be specifically mentioned: Andres Lozano of Canada, Takaomi Taira of Japan, Joachim Krauss of Germany, Michael Schulder of USA, Jin Woo Chang of Korea; these amazing individuals raised the bar so high that I am unlikely to ever reach it. However, the current group of newly elected WSSFN Officers that I am fortunate to have working with me – Vice-President Jean Regis, Secretary Mojde Hodaie of Canada, Vice-Secretary Paresh Doshi of India and Treasurer Patric Blomstedt of Sweden – will undoubtedly help me carry the torch of our mission and goals to the new and bright horizons! The new 37-people strong WSSFN Board that represents all continents and regional societies is here to guide the society work and lead its activities. The Society administrator, Ms. Melody Dian, continues to facilitate all our projects and the entire WSSFN management through her expert guidance, unmatched kindness and constant availability.

My e-mail is and I look forward to hearing from each you about what can and should be done during the 2022-2024 presidential term! Thank you very much for all your support and involvement!

Konstantin Slavin, MD, FAANS
Chicago, USA


Q1 2024 Newsletter is now available

Read it here: Latest Newsletter

19th Biennial Meeting of the World Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery



Incheon, Korea, September 4-7, 2022

Thank you to everyone making the 2022 meeting in Incheon, Korea successful!


2022 Meeting Award Winners have been announced

Meeting Abstracts are now available

Guest Editors

Mojgan Hodai, Toronto, ON, Canada

Stephan Chabardes, Grenoble, France

Jung-II Lee, Seoul, Korea

Joseph Neimat, Louisville, KY, USA

Ido Strauss, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hemmings, Wu, Hangzhou, China

Scientific Program Committee

Kendall Lee, Rochester, MN, USA

Jocelyne Block, Lausanne, Switzerland

Paresh Doshi, Mumbai, India

Mojgan Hodaie, Toronto, ON, Canada

Yoonbae Oh, Rochester, MN, USA

Hojin Shin, Rochester, MN, USA

Bomin Sun, Shanghai, China

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