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The WSSFN leadership is pleased to announce two awards named after pioneering neurosurgeons Dr. Irving Cooper and Dr. Roy Bakay. The awards are $ 2,500 each.  The awards will be bestowed during the WSSFN congress in 2019 in New York City.

Irving Cooper, MD

The aim of the Cooper award is to promote basic or clinical research projects in the field of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery.

The applicant must be a member of the WSSFN. There is no age limit. Applicants for the award should include a short proposal of the research project (limited to 500 words) and a current curriculum vitae.

Roy Bakay, MD

The aim of the Bakay award is to recognize important publications which have been published by WSSFN members in the field of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery.


The manuscript must have been published within the period from 2016-2018 in a peer-reviewed journal listed on PubMed. Manuscripts not yet online or published, i.e. those “in press” or “accepted”, are not being considered.  The applicant must be a member of the WSSFN. There is no age limit. Applicants for the award should send a copy of the publication and a current curriculum vitae.

Submission deadline for the awards is March 31, 2019.
Please submit manuscripts and documentation to Sameer Sheth, MD, PhD <>

Selections will be made by an independent committee that will be appointed by the WSSFN leadership.


The WSSFN would like to congratulate all the award winners who exemplify their interest  in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery!

Spiegel – Wycis Award: Marwan Hariz and Giovanni Broggi

Ronald Tasker Award: Jocelyn Bloch

Roy Bakay Award: Shiro Horisawa

Irving Cooper Award: Clement Hamani


Paul Larson

Keifer Forseth

Luca Melosivic

Tameem Al-Ozzi


Khedr, Ali

Almahario, Fadi

Avecillas, Josue


Negida, Ahmed / Aji, Yunus Kuntawi / Andrusca, Alexandru / Dzhafarov, Vidzhal / Fatima, Arooj

Kumar, Pardeep / Lomadze, Victor / Umarov, Azamatjon / Park, Hye Ran / Peskov, Viktor

Sharma, Vikas / Tatarchuk, Mykhailo / Wang, Long / Zhang, Chencheng / Koirala, Sagar

Hasegawa, Harutomo / Hernando, Vincente Casitas / Minghetti, Sara / Raguz, Marina

Shofty, Ben / Thakur, Nikhil / Tuleasca, Constantin / Barbosa, Daniel / Davidson, Benjamin

Jakobs, Martin / Kruger, Marie / Lang, Stefan / Meng, Ying / Lopes, Arhur Jose Maia

Marquez-Franco, Rene / Santos, Jose


The WSSFN would like to congratulate all the award winners who exemplify their interest  in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery!

Spiegel – Wycis Award: Yves Lazorthes and Francisco Velasco

Tasker Award: David Roberts

Mundinger Award: Itzhak Fried

Riechert Award: Dario Englot and Hemmings Wu


Clinical abstract presentation: Alessandra Gorgulho

Basic Science abstract presentation: Yasushi Okamura

Basic Science Poster: Eun Jung Lee

Clinical Science Poster: Walid  Bouthour

Karger Award Poster: Guenane Lakhdar and Basant Pant


Asia: Jung, Na Young / Au Yong, Nicholas / Kim, Jeong Hwa / Park, Chang Kyu / Park, Seong-Cheol / Sulistyanto, Adi / Tomio, Ryosuke / Ren, Jie

Europe: Akram, Harith / De Vloo, Philippe / Sachdev, Bobby / Etingold, Elad / Pallero, Ma Ángeles GarcÍa / De Schlichting, Emmanuel


WSSFN INTERIM MEETING 2015 (Mumbai, India)

The WSSFN Interim Meeting was a resounding success! Thank you to all the faculty, participants and sponsors!


The WSSFN Interim Meeting abstract award winners are:

Vibhor Krishna: Best Cl'nil Oral Presentation - A novel tractography based methodology for stereotactic targeting of VIM nucleus for tremor surgery

Nader Pourat'an: Best Basic Science Oral Presentation - Effect of Propofo! on paiiidooorticai circuits and cortical phaseamplitude coupling

Keith Matthews: Best Clinil Poster Presentation - Anterior cinguiotomy for maior depression does not impair Stroop task performance, but depression severity does

Ann-Kathryn Beck: Best Basic Science Poster Presentation - Eiectrophysioiogr'cai correlates of auditory change detection: A simultaneous depth and scalp EEG study

A special thanks to Karger Publishers for also providing awards. Photos from the Interim Meeting can be viewed HERE, and a list of travel grant recipients can be viewed HERE.




Ohye and Tsubokawa Awards

We are pleased to announce two new $2500 awards in honor of deceased professors Ohye and Tsubokawa both leaders in the field of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery and known for their exceptional support of research and education. The aim of the Ohye award is to promote and initialize clinical research projects. The purpose of the Tsubokawa award is to recognize the importance of publications in peer reviewed journals. Click HERE for more details.


Ohye Award 2013 Winner: Clement Hamani

Tsubokawa Award 2013 Winner: ltzhak Fried



Spiegel-Wycis Award

The Spiegel-Wycis Award is presented at each quadrennial meeting of the WSSFN to one or two senior neurosurgeons who throughout their career have contributed to the advancement of the field of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery. The recipients of the 2013 award are Dr. Volker Sturm and Dr. Sana Sup Chung.


For past recipients of the Spiegel-Wycis Award, click  HERE .



WSSFN Resident and Fellow Awards

The WSSFN Resident and Fellow Awards are given for the best presentations. poster or oral, at the quadrennial WSSFN meeting. The value of the prize is $1000 US.


The winners of the 2013 awards were:



Basic Science Presentation: Kevin McCain

Clinical Presentation: Maximilian Mehdorn



Basic Science Poster: Mesbah Alam

Clinical Poster: Shiro Horisawa

Honorable Mention - a $250 award each from Karger Publications: Anwen White and Volker Coenen


New - Tasker Award: Andres Lozano